Saturday, February 24, 2007

Modern Art(?) Clocks

Karen Krieger's patinated aluminum garden clocks (, $175 each)

Giardini's BAC steel and copper clock (, $180) and Skoj tempered glass clock (IKEA, $4.99, 6", or $6.99, 11" version)

Thomas Mann's Rabbit clock depicting the Tortise and the Hare (, $425)

Pendulum clocks that uses space as much as shape (Wrapables, $39.95,, $278) and Yee-Ling Wan's ghost carriage clock in acrylic, which suggests the past (MOMA Store, $125)

Tix LED Clock (ThinkGeek, $49.99). The time displayed--which you read by counting the number of illuminated spots in each set--is 12:34.

Open Edition fragmented LED by Jonas Damon (MossOnline, $85)

T-Clock Shirt, for portable punctuality (ThinkGeek, $39.99)

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sk8ordiehard said...

I just signed up for Technorati and saw that you linked to my site's post about the Smart Money article on furniture quality.
What a great blog you have and a wonderful sense of style!
I'm so glad to have found you, and thanks for the link on that post!