Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Can't Resist" Power Gizmos

Good modern design isn't just about furnishings and art. Sometimes you come across some small gadget that's so perfect that it makes you smile. The Socket Pocket ($15 at Get Organized) fits the bill. Combining a holster for your favorite portable electronic device with an outlet faceplate to help control clutter, this is one sleek plastic solution to tangled charger wires. Belkin has a low profile surge protector strip ($45)

For on-the-go power for all those components, it's time to go solar. Several models of portable solar charging panels are now available. (Some examples are here, here, and here).

Monday, May 07, 2007

White Rock Modern

A trio of Forest Hills neighbors on Eustis Avenue, off Garland Road near White Rock Lake, have a unique proposal for a new home:

"The structure at 8520 Eustis is beyond repair and will be dismantled this spring, leaving an exceptional building opportunity. We have designed a home that will take full advantage of this lot without damage to the landscape and is of a size and style in harmony with the existing neighborhood. Our goal is to build this structure with materials and techniques that are sustainable and efficient, and we look forward to working with a client as the project progresses."

Counteracting the threat of a new McNeighborly Mansion, Bruce Goode, contractor Josh Grieswell, and Harvey Phillips are taking the opportunity to influence the view from their front windows by sticking with the mod feel. The planned eustismodern.com structure will be a modernist, minimalist two-bedroom flat-roof home on one floor. The floor plan wraps around a central courtyard and is surrounded by a canopy of trees. The garage and a guest suite across the courtyard complete the compound.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Spring Shopping

Is it sale time again? Ligne Roset had a great sale this past November, and this weekend there's another three days of amazingly discounted fabulous furniture. Lots of things were snatched up on Friday, but a nice selection of chairs, sofas, and rugs, lamps, and accessories remains. Sectionals originally $7500 or more are now less than $5000. Sure, it's still a steep price for a couch, but you can't find a better price on the brand.

This weekend is thr spring fling "Goods to Go" sample sale at Market Hall. Continuing through tomorrow, it promises "deals on apparel, decorative accessories, gifts, jewelry, furniture, manufacturer samples and much more". Admission is $6, but you get a dollar off if you bring a canned good with you.