Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ligne Roset + Sample Sale = Nirvana

Thanks to a short post on Dallas Shopping Blog, I was drawn to visiting the Ligne Roset store in the Design District in search of super style at a discount. If there's one thing better than fabulous lines, it's finding them at a nice price. What can I say, I love getting something I love at a bargain! The Hi-Line drive store, which opened five years ago as one of the first design stores open to the public (the other Dallas location is on McKinney at Knox, see prior post), is spacious and full of fabulous sleek arrangements. There were several discounted pieces, including a fab gray Feng couch and matching daybed, a super chocolate-brown ultrasuede sectional, rugs and several occasional chairs. Resident kitty Vito had staked out on of the best chairs for himself, showing off just how comfortable European modern can be.

Alexa Grossman, owner of both local Ligne Roset stores, is one of the coolest furniture mavens I've met. She's knowledgable, savvy about high-end modern furniture (with numerous family members and friends in the business, she started learning the trade in her teens) and not one to hold back on her opinions. Her most important advice, getting good style that fits your personal taste is worth the wait of custom order, on sale or not. Designer furniture is an investment, she says, and prorating the purchase over several credit cycles can make the hippest furnishings available to folks without a large designer budget.

The sample sale wraps up soon, but Alex promises another one in the spring, and then probably only an annual spring sale after that.

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