Saturday, November 18, 2006

Art Conspiracy

I'm not sure what it is about artists and crime-themed benefits. First the Art Heist (see prior entry) and now the Art Conspiracy. December 1st marks the second annual fundraiser event at the Longhorn Ballroom.

For at $10 admission price, one can enjoy the works of local artists and 6 featured bands (The Happy Bullets, Fishboy, Salim Nourallah, John Holiday, and Peter Schmidt and His Gentlemen Scholars) while benefitting La Reunion, an artists' residency program in Oak Cliff. There will be an auction of the original art pieces while the bands rock the historic Longhorn Ballroom (see details).

Where does the artwork come from? At 7 a.m. November 30th, 150 empty canvases will be placed throughout the historic Longhorn Ballroom. Dallas artists will take shifts filling as many of the canvases as possible in a 24 hour period. At 7 p.m. December 1st, 2006, doors will open to the public and pieces will be auctioned off with starting prices of $20 per canvas. The event was staged for the first time last year. 850 people attended and the auction of 100 canvases raised more than $10,000 for The Children's Health Fund. The Conspiracy has additional details of the event on their MySpace page.

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