Monday, November 20, 2006

Saladini crafted knives

These knives would never be accused of cluttering up even the most spartan modern countertops! Found in the NY Times:

"Tuscan Hills, a store in Princeton, N.J., that imports housewares from Italy, is the first retailer in the United States to carry the full line of knives from Saladini, a manufacturer in Scarperia, near Florence. Saladini’s hand-forged kitchen knives, corkscrews, flatware and cigar cutters have handles crafted from ox or buffalo horn or from Tuscan olive or boxwood. Custom pieces are available with deer horn, briarwood or bone handles. A five-piece set, above ($895), includes four knives and a carving fork, all with curved olive wood handles, stored in a block of olive wood. It would be a handsome splurge for the holiday cook."

Tuscan Hills, 342 Nassau Street, Princeton; (609) 921-9015;

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