Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ashes and Snow

How can you be anything but awed by images of humans interacting with wild animals. Gregory Colbert undertook a project that included capturing images of him swimming with elephants and manatees. The serene sepia tones of his photos and the film inspire wonder. There's nothing like having seen the exhibit in person (I saw it in New York last spring), but the atmosphere is captured in the images and music on the project's website. Prints, DVDs and CDs are available from the exhibition at the project's store.
Ashes and Snow was supported in part by the Flying Elephant Foundation, whose mission is "to reveal and celebrate the wonder of nature in all its forms. The Foundation awards Flying Elephants Fellowships to individuals from a broad range of disciplines in the arts and sciences who have demonstrated singular creativity, passion, integrity and leadership and whose work inspires a reverence for the natural world."

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