Sunday, November 19, 2006

New Shopping Search Engine

I've been trying out a new site for shopping: presents your search with thumbnail pictures of the item with the prices lined up. Smart shopping seems a little easier to accomplish than using Froogle, PriceGrabber, or the other comparison sites I've used so far. I also think their "My Finds" list tracking is a good way to keep a wishlist going, and it's easy to share the picks with others in an e-mail.

Here's the site's "About Us" take:
"We developed a shopping search engine that delivers comprehensive lists of products and their corresponding images, ranked by the leading products, brands, stores and styles on the very first page of results. We call this technology our "Product Ranking Engine...Our patent-pending technology ranks the product results for your searches by the most relevant and market-leading products, brands, stores and styles for your search. These rankings can never be bought or sold. So you can feel comfortable knowing that you are covering a ton of ground in just one search."

Unbiased and fast search results? Let's go!

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