Monday, May 07, 2007

White Rock Modern

A trio of Forest Hills neighbors on Eustis Avenue, off Garland Road near White Rock Lake, have a unique proposal for a new home:

"The structure at 8520 Eustis is beyond repair and will be dismantled this spring, leaving an exceptional building opportunity. We have designed a home that will take full advantage of this lot without damage to the landscape and is of a size and style in harmony with the existing neighborhood. Our goal is to build this structure with materials and techniques that are sustainable and efficient, and we look forward to working with a client as the project progresses."

Counteracting the threat of a new McNeighborly Mansion, Bruce Goode, contractor Josh Grieswell, and Harvey Phillips are taking the opportunity to influence the view from their front windows by sticking with the mod feel. The planned structure will be a modernist, minimalist two-bedroom flat-roof home on one floor. The floor plan wraps around a central courtyard and is surrounded by a canopy of trees. The garage and a guest suite across the courtyard complete the compound.


Anonymous said...

Guaranteed to be overpriced for the size of the home. I like that the "floor plan" is 2200sf, but the actual living space is 1232sf. It will be interesting to see where it is priced and what the actual price/sf comes in at.

Erika said...

You're right, Anon, about the living space being snug. The ceiling height is pretty low, too, with the maximum height at 9 feet, and the clerestory sill at 7 feet. According to Zillow, the current structure is 1800sqft, and the next door neighbors are small as well: 8514 Eustis is 1302sqft and 8526 is 1440sqft. So a smaller place is in keeping with the neighborhood.