Saturday, August 26, 2006

Why Dallas Modern?

Dallas is most often ignored by the modern design blog scene. Apartment Therapy and others seem stuck on New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. But wait! Look at that distinctive skyline! Think of the burgeoning Arts District, the renaissance of the Bishop Arts District and the growth of the Design District! What about the Trinity River Project and the Calvatrala bridges! What are we, chopped liver?
There is a growing group of design afficionados who aren't satisfied with just Pottery Barn, Storehouse, and Ashley for their furnishing selections. We're the types that have particular aesthetic predilections, from art and furnishings to architecture and cuisine. Dallas has more options every day to accomodate our desires and we're loving it! We're planning to follow the Dallas design scene along with its influences thanks to the Internets, and we'll try to feature some of Dallas's best developing neighborhoods and events along the way. Any suggestions? Let us know!

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PK said...

It's true, but one blog post at a time, the world is going to figure out that Dallas is modern. I like the blog!