Saturday, October 14, 2006

Lakewood's 'Curiosities'

Tonight was the grand opening reception for Curiosities, a gallery/shop on Abrams featuring a mixture of furnishings, furnishings, and accessories that recall your grandmother's attic mixed with an eccentric wunderkammer. Old carnival signs are juxtaposed with dried starfish and corals. Weathered croquet balls and a squadron of glass and ceramic penguin figurines offset vintage lingerie, vintage jewelry, and African masks. While thin on sleek, modern lines, the unique offereings are the sorts of details that make a room at risk of being antiseptic more personal. Jason Cohen (founder of the Forbidden Gallery) and mother Terry Cohen partnered in recruiting a host of antique dealers in order to assemble such a fabulous mixture. The Dallas Observer calls the venture "an express route to that one-in-a-million flea-market find you've been looking for. The Lakewood shop also includes a gallery dedicated to vintage folk art, found art and photography. It's like Crispin Glover's wet dream, only smarter."

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