Friday, October 27, 2006

Lucellino table lamp

Thanks to Joel at Blue Ant Studio, I now know that Ingo Maurer has a table version of his spectacular lamp design. Unica Home (one of my fave online modern design sources) describes it as a
"whimsical lamp derives its name from the italian words luce ("light") and uccellino ("little bird")...available in wall sconce or table lamp versions. the lucellino is made of glass, brass, plastic and hand-crafted goose feather wings, these lamps also have a touch-tronic feature which allows for on/off and dimmer control with the mere touch of the brass wire stem. a 50 watt non-halogen bulb as well as a spare bulb are supplied. free shipping in the continental united states.

german born artist and light objects designer, ingo maurer has been the recipient of many design awards and his work has been featured in numerous exhibitions, including the centre georges pompidou, the fondation cartier in paris, the stedelijk museum in amsterdam and the museum of modern art in new york. considered an outsider with rare artistic style, ingo maurer adds provocation and fun to the world of design."
The table version is $650 at MossOnline, and $660 at Y Lighting. For those with slightly bigger tastes and budgets, the Birdie chandelier ($2088 at Unica) and its big-brother birds birds birds ($5423) are fabulous!

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