Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Coffee Table Modern

Since when did Stacks and Stacks go beyond all the organizing paraphernalia and begin to sell furniture? I found this modern glass, chrome, and capuccino laminated particleboard coffee table for $210 at the online site (there's also an espresso version and a matching end table offered). I like the low profile (it's only 17 inches tall) and the storage drawers help keep visual clutter under control. While I've grumbled about the variable quality of furniture, I give S&S credit for full disclosure on the materials used in the piece. There's no claim of solid wood construction with veneers. If you're going to do affordable modern, fessing up about construction is the honest way to go. For the mod-inclined, hey've also got some retro-modern Futuro swivel chairs (pair, $499) and the light block table ($299).

If you're browsing, also take a look at the offerings in their outlet section. Also, until 12/31/06 with coupon code BMLTEN you get $10 off an order over $50.

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