Sunday, December 31, 2006

Shibui (simple elegance) in crafted chairs

Michael Puryear is a studio furniture maker whose works are featured on (where incidentally there's an ornament clearance sale). His designs incorporate influences from Shaker and Scandinavian designs along with Janapese and African styles. He sums up his design goals: "I wish to imbue my work with shibui, the Japanese term for simple elegance. This simplicity belies the complexity of creating and joining furniture elements aesthetically, while maintaining full functionality in the design. " The barrow chair, made of bubinga wood and black leather, capture modern dynamism.

Mixed in to the examples of craftsmanship below are two mass-produced chairs. Can you spot them?

The chairs' names give you a clue: the other artisan finds include Seth Rolland's Finback Chairs, Gregg Lipton's Circle Back Chairs, Eric Ziemelis' Circle Stool, and Richard Judd's Ribbon Chair.

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