Thursday, January 04, 2007

Special Organic Touches

VivaTerra offers an online selection of recycled and organic goods for home, kitchen, and bath. There's also some tasty foodstuffs and comfy women's clothing pieces as well. The company professes a dedication to living in harmony with nature and sells objects that "combine ecology and elegance" with pure, sustainable ingredients. And they have some cool things, too. These recycled aluminum bark vases (now 30% off) are hand-molded. These Sea Spikes are the remains of tree trunks from a flooded- forest-become-lake, harvested and mounted on an artistic pedestal. Each one has a unique shape from the effects of long-term immersion in the lake.

The elegant twisty stool, crafted from a single piece of monkey pod wood, is one of several pieces of furniture that adds a smooth, organic feel to an otherwise slick modern space.

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CeLee said...

love the stool!