Monday, April 02, 2007

Farewell Hard Rock....

...Hello CVS?

The 97-year-old structure that was originally the McKinney Avenue Baptist Church underwent so many structural changes in its evolution into that famous temple of Rock-n-Roll, the 4th Hard Rock Cafe in the USA, that it no longer represented the historic edifice, and therefore would not be considered for a landmark designation. Unfair Park has the full details on the 7-4 vote at the Landmark Commission meeting today against initiating the landmark designation process. Councilwoman Angela Hunt had led neighborhood efforts in favor of the historic designation.

What is to become of the parcel at a key corner of lower Uptown Dallas remains to be seen. Some rumors include a retail pharmacy, a bank, a condo/hotel development, or a small strip shopping center. Developer Bret Landes, who owns the property, said to a neighborhood meeting, "I just want to let you all know we will follow the same theme," Landes said. "The Hard Rock is a failed concept, but I assure you that whatever we put in its place will be something that you, as residents, will be proud of." Speculation on entertainment, restaurant, and retail uses abound, but it seems certain that whatever the property becomes, it will rise out of dust and rubble first.

In the mean time, we can hold our breaths waiting for Hard Rock to move down towards Victory in a new $150 million hotel-and-cafe configuration, and within a stone's throw of the House of Blues.

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