Monday, April 02, 2007

Trinity River Project Awards

It's not even all the way off the drawing board yet (although the timelines suggest that building on the Woodall Rogers and I-30 bridges will begin in the next eight weeks), and the funding of the tollway is one of the year's top contentious issues around town, but the Trinity River Corridor project has won an AIA award. One of ten 2007 Honor Awards for Regional and Urban Design was given for the Trinity River Project’s "Balanced Vision Plan" that guides development and appropriate land use along the Trinity Corridor. Elements of the plan proposal included "a large urban recreational park, a river with restored sinousity...a sensitively-designed road that runs concurrent against the downtown levell and affords park and city vistas...several hundred acres of community development along the Trinity River Corridor."

According to the Jury commendation,

We were impressed by the vast scale of this proposal…They’ve taken a significant physical and environmental barrier and transformed it into a regionally scaled public domain that stitches together the surrounding urban areas and unifies the city…The design concept returns the river to its innately sinuous state and draws on the natural features of the terrain…Its emphasis on natural systems and sustainability addresses basic human needs.”

Other locales praised included Boston, Napa Valley, Milwaukee, New York City, Pittsburgh, and Vail. Let's hope that the project continues to head towards a reality.

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